Edenta Diamond Finishing Strips

From $119.68 10 box INC GST

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Diamond finishing strips with serrated edge and perforation, coated on one side with diamond grit, sterilisable.

Gain some pace by gently contouring the sides of the overlapping teeth. Following interproximal reduction, teeth have sufficient room to align.


  • For contouring the proximal regions of all types of fillings
  • Removing excess material from the proximal regions of filling - materials like composites, acrylics, glass ionomer cements and amalgam
  • Removing excess cement after placing inlays, onlays and laminate veneers


  • Contours the proximal regions anatomically
  • Simplifies working procedures through the serrated edge which separates interdental spaces quickly
  • The serrated diamond strips have a wider non - diamond-coated area, which simplifies sawing
  • Serrated sawing edge and diamond - coated abrasive area combined in one instrument simplifies working procedures
  • Made of highly stable stainless steel to resist breaking and stretching, for an economical service life
  • Autoclavable