Tokuyama Universal Bond

SKU: TOK15200
$228.85 each INC GST

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Features & Benefits

Quick & Easy Applications

  • No need to light cure for 10-20 seconds
  • No need to agitate on surface for 10-20 seconds
  • No need to wait between placement and air-dry polymerization step


  • High bond strength to various surfaces & substrates
  • Separation of acidic monomer (Bond A) & ceramic primers (Bond B) prevents deterioration of silane coupling agent and maintains superb bond strength to ceramic, PFM's, lithium disilicate and zirconia
  • Excellent cavity adaptation to avoid voids

Active Chemistry

  • Mix 1 drop of Bond A and Bond B to trigger Active-Chemistry self-cure
  • Worry-free polymerization where curing lights cannot reach


Tokuyama Universal Bond is the only self-cure universal adhesive to bond all dental substrates without the need for additional primers or activators. Applied in three simple steps, Tokuyama Universal Bond eliminates the need to light-cure, agitate the surface, use additional products or wait before placement of restorative.


  • Compatibility with all etching techniques: total, self, or selective-etch
  • Compatibility with dual and self-cure materials without the use of a separate activator
  • Can be used as a primer for zirconia, lithium disilicate, indirect composite resin and metallic restorations
  • Virtually no post-op sensitivity, releases fluoride