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The EcoChemist Surface & Air Sanitiser

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The EcoChemist Surface & Air Sanitiser

The EcoChemist Surface & Air Sanitiser is produced using our Electrochemistry process. It has a near 100% kill rate, This product can be used for hard surface disinfectant and as a fogging agent.

The EcoChemist Surface & Air Sanitiser was successfully tested against SARS-Cov2 surrogate HCov-229E1. Results showed:

  • At 5 minutes exposure a kill rate of ≥99.98%
  • At 10 minutes exposure a kill rate of ≥99.99%

1ALG (Analytical Lab Group, USA) Lab Report – available on request

Product Details

It is a deceptively simple, but incredibly clever technology that makes The EcoChemist range of sanitising products so different and effective.

  • The EcoChemist uses a process called Electrochemistry to create its range of hand, surface and air sanitisers.
  • Electrochemistry passes an electric current through a solution to produce a naturally-occurring super disinfectant, called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL).
  • Creating HOCL using Electrochemistry, rather than chemicals, means the bi-products are simply salt and water.
  • The Electrochemical HOCL is then used to create Anocide-S™, the power behind the range.

By using Electrochemistry we are able to produce an alcohol-free, but highly effective sanitiser range. And unlike some alcohol-based sanitisers, it is very gentle on the skin.

What Makes Electrochemistry Different?

Pathogens (Germs) are inactivated by atomic oxygen (O). Atomic Oxygen is formed when Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) disassociates in Electrolysed Water.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) can be made in two ways

  • Disassociation of Calcium Hypochlorite (chemical process)
  • Electrolysis of a weak brine (electrochemistry)

Hypochlorous Acid from Brine is an Electro-Chemical oxidation and because it is created in Electrolysed Water, electrical energy is available to allow the molecules to divide into different components.

The bi-products of the chemical process are toxic. Whereas the bi-products of the Electrochemical process is simply salt and water.

Electrochemical Process

Electrolysis of Brine


Electrochemical Process Chart Enlarged

Chemical Process

Calcium Hypochlorite


Chemical Process Chart Larger


Fogging is a highly effective way of sanitising large areas. The EcoChemist DA2 Dry Fogger distributes a dry fog sanitising the air and all surfaces it falls on.

  • As it is a dry fog, surfaces remain dry to the touch.
  • Fogs up to 2000 square metres in 120 minutes.

Please contact customer service for more information about fogging