Tokuyama Bond Force II

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Bond Force II

Developed over 25 years ago by Tokuyama’s Research & Development Team in Japan, Estelite’s spherical filler particles have won numerous awards for delivering superior benefits to Dentists and patients alike. With an average particle size of 200 nanometers (supra-nano), the spherical filler particles are the foundation to delivering simple, lasting and beautiful results.

Other dental composite brands contain irregular-shaped sized fillers, which interfere with polishability, shade blend-ability and longevity. However, as a result of the revolutionary spherical filler technology, Estelite dental composites exhibit exceptional esthetics while maintaining excellent physical properties, a signature feature of Tokuyama Dental’s composites.

The product comes in 5ml Bottle

Features and Benefits

  • A total application time reduced to just 30 seconds
  • Storage at room temperature (0~25°C) up to 2 years
  • Drying at mild air in just 5 seconds and 10 seconds of polymerization with LED or halogen lamp
  • Optimum pH value (2.8) that reduces the hydrolysis of the monomers and minimizes the activation of Mpp (Metalloproteinases) to prevent the aging of collagen fibres
  • Available in different packages versions: "pen" delivery system (10.1 mg) for the smaller cavities, “bottle" delivery system (15 mg), ideal for the larger cavities. No waste!
  • Create a uniform, thin and strong bonding layer, excellent adaptability to the cavity and durable adhesive strength
  • Simple and fast procedure
  • Outstanding bond strength
  • Effective both on enamel and dentin
  • Only one application required: no rinsing necessary
  • No etching, no rinsing
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Extremely thin film (8μm)
  • Not very operator-sensitive technique


  • Restorations with self-curing and photopolymerizable composites to enamel and dentin
  • Repairs of damaged ceramics and composites

Curing Time

  • In the 4 phases of processing (application rest, drying and curing light) the new formulation of Bond Force allows a saving time of 15 seconds

Storage Conditions

  • Thanks to the formulation Bond Force II can be stored outside a fridge (0~25°C) with an expiration date of 2 years.