Tokuyama Universal Flow

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Estelite Universal Flow is a supra-nano filled flowable composite available in three different viscosities (high, medium and super low) to provide clinicians with the ideal flow for a wide range of indications. Utilizing spherical filler technology, Estelite Universal Flow has a higher filler content than traditional flowables and offers the benefits expected from less viscous composites without compromising strength.


  • Easy to extrude and provides the perfect non-sticky consistency with minimal stringiness


  • One shade blends invisibly with several tooth shades
  • Exceptional polishability reaching over 90% glossiness in only 60 seconds
  • Superior gloss retention
  • Minimal colour change after polymerization


  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Formulated for long-term wear resistance
  • Low shrinkage stress for lasting patient comfort

Three Viscosities

  • Super Low Flow (70% by weight/ 56% by volume)
  • Non-slumping, non-runny, precision stacking
  • Medium Flow (71% by weight/ 57% by volume)
  • High versatility, less slumping, less runny
  • High Flow (69% by weight/ 55% by volume)
  • Easy placement, flows well

Features and Benefits

  • Three optimal viscosities
  • Ideal handling
  • Exceptional strength
  • Beautiful shade blendability
  • High wear resistance
  • Outstanding polishability + gloss retention
  • Low shrinkage stress
  • Outstanding stain resistance
  • Minimal shade shift after polymerization


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Cavity base or liner
  • Blocking out cavity undercuts before fabricating indirect restorations
  • Repair of porcelain/composite